If I register with Clarendon Parker Bahrain for a specific position, are my details only kept for that position?

Once you have registered with Clarendon Parker Bahrain, you do not ever need to register again. Simply make a note of the username and password when you register initially and use this information to log back in to your personal online portal at any time. You can register for any number of jobs that you feel match your skills and experience using the same portal. You will also be entered into our main database so that a consultant doing a search for a particular position will see your details even if you have not applied directly.

Please be aware that consultants often receive hundreds of applications for the same position. It is therefore in your interest to keep checking our website, which has all our jobs posted, and working proactively to find and apply for positions that are relevant to you.

I have applied for a position on the website; what do I need to do now?
Once you have registered and applied for a position, no further action is required from you. If the consultant shortlists you for the position, it will be logged in the ‘List Jobs’ section of your portal. You will also be called in for an interview with one of our consultants if we have not met with you before. Please note that it can take two weeks or more for the shortlist process depending on the position and the client we are working with.

If your application has been unsuccessful, you will receive a letter via email to this effect. In this case, please continue to check the website for other suitable positions and apply online.

If I apply for a position and change my mind, can I remove my application from the system?
Once you apply for a position the details cannot be deleted, but you only need to inform the consultant dealing with the position that you have changed your mind or found employment elsewhere and we will ensure that your application is not taken any further.

How long does a position stay open?
Positions can stay open for a few months depending on the particular requirements of the client and the role. Sometimes highly-specialised roles can be difficult to fill so the job remains open until the right candidate is found. When jobs are filled, the position will be closed and will no longer be available to view on the website. It will also appear as closed on your online portal if you applied for it directly.

Will my CV stay confidential once I register?
Confidentiality is a key aspect of Clarendon Parker Bahrain. We will not send your details to any client without your prior permission, nor do we share your details with any other organisations unless we have discussed and agreed it with you first. Our database is highly confidential and we have strict security methods to ensure that only our consultants have access to the candidate database.

I registered 6 months ago with Clarendon Parker Bahrain and I haven’t heard anything. Why?
We receive in excess of 100 candidate registrations every week so it is often impossible to contact every candidate who registers with us. However, the database is scanned daily for suitable candidates for all new positions; if we do match you with an open position, we will be in contact to discuss the role in more detail.

Are there any charges for registering?
There are no charges for our candidates at any stage of the recruitment process.