Anti-Money Laundering Reporting Officer

Anti-Money Laundering Reporting Officer
Finance and Banking

we are searching an Anti-Money Laundering Reporting Officer, the role responsibilities will be:

- Implement in Bahrain subsidiary the international and local regulations, and internal policies of the Global Exchange Group in matters of AML&CTF to ensure the Company comply with the latest regulatory and legal requirements as long as the industry guidelines and best practices.
- Design, implement and provide AML&CTF training to all staff.
- The oversight of all aspects of the Company´s AML/CFT procedures and systems which include monitoring effectiveness and enhance the controls and procedures where necessary Monitor transactions carried out at the Workplace and investigate & escalate / report any that seem suspicious.
- Produce and periodically review Company´s Risk Assessment as well as update it whenever a new product or service is launched.
- Prepare and submit modifications to the AML manual in order to implement regulatory and group guidelines with regards to combating money laundering and terrorist financing.
- Prepare periodic and specific reports that may be required by the regulators.
- Assume and coordinate the relationships with the regulator, the AML Auditor and with other competent authorities.
- Ensure that record Keeping obligations are met in line with the AML&CTF directives.
- Reviewing all internal disclosures and exception reports and, in light of all available relevant information, determining whether or not it is necessary to make a report to the JFIU.
- Providing guidance on how to avoid “tipping off” if any disclosure is made.
- Acting as the main point of contact with the JFIU, law enforcement, and any other competent authorities in relation to AML/CTF, investigation or compliance.

- 5 years’ experience in the field of AML very valuable in financial institutions.
- The candidate will typically hold relevant qualification related to the financial activities:
o Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist Examination (ACAMS), other relevant programs and or diploma in international compliance offered by the International Compliance Associate.
o At least a minimum training of 35 hours in Anti-Money Laundering in a recognized institute.
- Sound knowledge of the financial institutions industry and be familiar with relevant international standards and applicable domestic regulatory requirements.
- Degree holder in Finance, Law, Accounting, Business Administration or related disciplines.
- Experience in the area of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Sanctions investigations.

4 - 5
- Degree holder in Finance, Law, Accounting, Business Administration or related disciplines.
Bachelor in Accounting,Bachelor in Business,Bachelor in Law

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