Manager & Quantity Surveyor

Manager & Quantity Surveyor

To plan and implement the policy of the company
To check the head of departments plans to ensure they fall in line with the objectives of the company
To follow up the execution of performance plans and to work to resolve the problems that could obstruct the performance of the
To build adequate systems of communication between departments to ensure the smooth circulation of documents and information
To assess the performance of employees through the department heads and find a system of appraisal related to salary increments. Promotion, motivation, bonuses or termination of employees.
To assess the performance of the heads of departments and sections.
To form a board (Committee) under his chairman ship, from the concerned personnel to discuss the issues of the company when
To create a program to train the departments to avoid problems that could occur from the sudden market changes.
To obtain new contracts in the range of the abilities of the company
To search for new fields of investments and develop the company to gain more profits
To establish new general affairs between the company and clients to trace the motion of competitors
To propose technical advice to the President when required or when necessary
Checking of the purchase order issued for suitability.
Co-ordinate with purchase department for the expected date of rolling and delivery of materials and to assist with procurement
Co-ordinate with the estimation department and research the market for new clients
To execute the contract according to the scheduled program
To supervise and control the day to day activities of the Engineering, Production, QA/QC and Estimation Departments
To assist in searching for reasonable and cooperative overseas recruiting agencies and dealing with them to deploy the suitable candidates for the company in smooth and easy procedures
Develop and maintain an environment where employees can achieve fair, competitive and equitable policies and practices.
To avoid short falls in contracts as much as possible
To final check all quotations for correct pricing, delivery schedule and presentation.
Examine completed contracts to make final adjustments, negotiate with clients before the signing of final account
To abide by the use of AMI'O forms Step I to Step 11 (Internal Forms).
Should be available to the company when there arc workers on overtime
To inform the committee members to meet the order placement stages and also when there is a change order/variation. Design changes or discount request by the Client.
Hold daily meetings with the concerned staff / department heads and sign time sheets for staff.
To be punctual in company office time and attend outside business meetings as and when required.
To represent the company in a professional manner on behalf of the President
To protect the company on contractual issues, both before an order is placed and during the contract, particularly when variations occur
To assist with all commercial related issues for the benefit of the company.
To re-visit previous projects with outstanding contractual issues and to negotiate an acceptable settlement to avoid legal proceedings
To forecast problems that may arise and advise on tactics of how to prepare and prevent.
To resolve any current issues as required by the President

• Minimum 15 to 20 year experience in a Fabrication Factory.
• Good Communication skills.

15 - 20
Senior Management

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