Diverse Group of Company

1. Directs and coordinates the organization's legal staff and activities.
2. Responsible for the day to day supervision, management and output of the Legal team, especially all the commercial legal work;
3. Provide prompt, sound and strategic legal advice to aid top management in decision-making; as well as provide legal advisory services to all subsidiaries at management levels to protect the legal and other interests of the company;
4. Draft a wide range of commercial contracts and development of in-house contracts including but not limited to: commercial property leases sponsorship agreements; corporate communications and marketing contracts; IT hardware/software contracts; procurement contracts; all forms of tendering documents and procedures; consultancy contracts; wide range of services agreements; joint venture and strategic agreements; development and implementation of contract procurement procedures and precedents for the Group; advice and drafting on all commercial matters in which the Group is involved with in developing, promoting and operating.
5. Devise and implement compliance programs, self assessments and checklists for the Group and its subsidiaries to ensure compliance with the various regulations, rules, policy statements and other laws in Qatar;
6. Update or draft new/amended company regulations, rules, policies and procedures including all types of contracts;
7. Handle all legal matters including litigation and dispute resolution; prepare, negotiate and process the company’s legal documentation such as vendor agreements, joint ventures, end user agreements, financing agreements, etc;
8. Develops budget recommendations to support systematically planned programs of legal actions or defences, and establishes controls to assure optimum deployment of resources within approved budgets.
9. Coordinates the development, revision and compliance of the organization's policies and procedures with all applicable laws and regulations.
10. Provides management with advice and counsel concerning laws impacting the organization's functional areas.
11. Writes/reviews contracts, files and responds to lawsuits, and recommends outside counsel when necessary.
12. Keeps fully informed of all new developments in corporate legal matters and keeps all levels of management informed of applicable new laws and of the progress and results of court cases.
13. Must have experience in IPO’s and hospitality sector.

• Master of Laws degree
• Western-educated; bilingual (English and Arabic) or has dual nationality. We can also accept candidates from Anglophone and European countries.
• Minimum of 15 years professional legal experience in the financing, banking, corporate, regulatory, compliance, commercial, (re)insurance fields at domestic, cross-border and international levels.
• Sharp negotiating skills with excellent commercial contract drafting skills and broad competencies including regulatory, risk management and compliance;
• High level strategic thinking and decision-making skills;
• Excellent leadership, interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges;
• Must have experience in holding organizations.

12 - 15
Master of Laws degree

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