Insurance Manager

Insurance Manager
Diverse Group of Company

1. Administers and maintains an organization's insurance programs.
2. Analyzes insurance needs and provides optimum coverage, cost terms, and claim settlements for all employee benefits and organization assets.
3. May administer self-insured plans.
4. Manages adjusters, investigators, and appraisers. Insures claims are processed in a timely manner and resolves issues that arise during process.

• Create and modify procedures and documents related to policies.
• Assist in claims management.
• Identify and analyze risks associated with policies.
• Helps achieve target budgets.
• Minimize risk of financial loss.
• Obtain and oversee company insurance or related funds that management uses to cover costs such as disability benefits or lawsuits.
• Direct information for claimants.
• Preside over claims investigations.
• Review insurance policies.
• Manage insurance data for reports.
• Analyze statistical data, related to life & general insurance.
• Determine premium rates.

• Comprehensive knowledge of the Qatar commercial insurance market
• Comprehensive knowledge of key classes of insurance and policy wordings
• Understanding of different methods of funding risk and experience in implementing appropriate risk financing programs
• Ability and willingness to identify opportunities for improvements to current processes/procedures and to drive change
• Comprehensive knowledge of claims management with the ability to analyze and present data
• ACII Qualified (Chartered Insurance Institute).

Minimum of 5 years’ experience in
• Working within the insurance sector, specifically understanding financial institution insurance requirements
• Developing effective insurance arrangements
• Producing appropriate reports.
• Managing staff.
• Knowledge of Insurance Principles and Law

5 - 6
GM – Operations

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