Procurement Manager

Procurement Manager

Plans, organizes, manages and evaluates the Procurement Department comprising of Procurement, Warehouse and Contracts Sections, to meet the Company's objectives and plans as defined and intimated by the General Manager (Shared Services). He is the budget holder for the Department

1. Define, develop and help implement the approved policies and procedures relating to Procurement of materials and contractual services required for the Company from the right source, at the right price, to the right specification and at the right time in an ethical manner.

2. Define, develop and help implement the approved Inventory Control and Warehousing objectives, policies, programs and procedure to ensure optimum
level of stocks for spares and consumables required for continued operation of the

3. Manages the work and supervises the personnel of all three Sections on a day-to- day basis.

4. Carries out assignments as specified by the General Manager (Shared Services) in cooperation and coordination with other Department Managers.

5. Assign and allocates jobs to the Sectional Superintendents as required.

6. Provides guidance, direction and motivation to subordinates, so as to ensure their effectiveness in execution of their duties and achieve the desired end results.

7. Supervises and monitors the progress made on all job assignments entrusted to each Section.

8. Ensures the smooth functioning of all three Sections so that overall objectives are fulfilled.

9. Develop and maintain reliable sources of supply both for materials and contractual services so as to ensure a competitive buying atmosphere. Develop alternate
sources to avoid dependence on a single supplier or contractor.

10. Formulate terms and conditions of supply and contracting, which are most beneficial to the Company.
11. Meet suppliers' & contractors' representatives, conduct discussions and negotiate best prices on a win win basis,

12. Enforces the terms and conditions of purchase orders and service contracts so as to ensure maximum benefit to the Company in terms of supply, quality, reliability and economics.

13. Ensures that spares and consumables under the custody of Warehouse are stocked and requisitioned as per approved Inventory Control Policy, stored under proper storage conditions so that they are available to the user as and when required & in the correct quality & quantity.

14. Ensures proper stock taking of Warehouse materials is carried out in the agreed intervals and stock taking results verified for correctness. Any discrepancies to be brought to the notice of General Manager (Shared Services) and action to be taken for write-off or write-on as required. To also suggest means and methods to avoid such discrepancies in the future.

15. Brings to the notice of General Manager (Shared Services) all items in stock that are "non-moving" with suggestions to control same.

16. Ensures that obsolete Warehouse materials are identified with suggestions for disposal

17. Serves as member to the General Tender Committee (GTC) and assists the Chairman of the Committee in organizing and conducting meetings weekly or as required.

18. Ensures that the various decisions made by the GTC are implemented by way of obtaining necessary approvals, communicating and coordinating with Department Heads any decision or recommendation of the GTC as required.

19. Ensures that each Section maintains, streamlines and updates records and documents properly so that they are available as and when required and enables efficient handling of same.

20. Ensures that each Section furnishes reports and performance records as required by the General Manager (Shared Services) and or Management

21. Assists in developing comprehensive and extensive computerised systems as required by each Section to enable them to perform their tasks in the most efficient manner possible.

22. Formulates training programmes for the staff working under him to enable them to undertake their jobs efficiently and also help in their career development.

23. To compile and prepare budget expense report for the Sections and as well as serves as Budget Holder for the Department.

24. Responsible for ensuring that all activities of Department are carried out to the highest professional and ethical standards.
25. Responsible for coordinating and leasing with all Department heads ensure Company objectives are achieved with regards to the responsibilities set down for the Department.

26. Responsible for ensuring that approved policies and procedures are implemented by each Section.

27. Responsible for approving purchases of materials and contracts as per the financial powers delegated by the Company time to time.

28. Responsible for motivating all staff working under him, so as to ensure their effectiveness in their execution of duties and their development.

29. Responsible for undertaking any other related jobs as identified and advised by the
General Manager (Shared Services).

30. Should be aware of the general requirements of quality and environment management systems as per ISO 9001:2000 & 14001:1996 respectively and comply with the same.

Degree in Engineering/Business Admin. with training in Materials Management or related fields.
10 years in the field of Materials Management or Contracts Administration in a Senior Management position of a large process industry or steel/iron ore pelletizing plant.

10 - 12
General Manager
Degree in Engineering/Business Admin

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