Sales Manager

Sales Manager
Real Estate

Responsible for the implementation of sales to ensure the achievement of the sales targets in Riyadh Office.

• Develop and generate leads
• Manage and coordinate company sales functions to achieve required sales targets
• Develop and coordinate sales release cycle and methodology, optimizing product take-up rates and pricing, based on customer requirements for products and services and project revenue needs
• Contribute in the planning and development of company marketing and communications materials, establishing and maintaining appropriate budgets for direct sales campaigns and initiatives
• Prepare reports and presentation for top management
• Research and develop strategies and plans which identify marketing opportunities, direct marketing, and new project development
• Work closely with company Corporate Communications department to blend the direct sales requirements with broader communications strategy and creation of product collateral
• Work with senior management to develop three, five year and fifteen-year business plans.
• Co-ordinate interest and efforts of external sales & marketing agencies as required
• Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of sales methods, costs, and results
• Attend and organize all sales activities
• Manage and responsible for all subordinate’s sales department staff in Riyadh office
• Maintain Riyadh office
• Supervise the company stand
• Performs other tasks as assigned.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or Business Administration

Preferred Experience:
• 8 years of experience in a customer care or sales role for a developer
• Minimum 6 years of experience in a management role
Job Specific Skills:
• Strong analytical and problem solving skills
• Strong organizational & interpersonal skills
• Excellent presentation and written skills
• Ability to plan, manage workloads and make independent decisions
• Saudi National
• Fluent in English & Arabic

5 - 6
Senior Sales Manager
Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or Business Administration

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