Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager

To manage a total HR Service to staff and managers in Iraq, Afghanistan branches , and Charter Operations in Bahrain in accordance with HR policy and programs, also includes some travel to Iraq and Afghanistan, but is based in Bahrain.
First Choice Implementation: To coordinate and deliver First Choice initiatives across these areas.
Training and Development: To support the successful roll out of Certified International Specialist Culture and Training across Iraq and Afghanistan to deliver to the highest standards resulting in high levels of satisfaction and engagement.
Corporate Social Responsibility: Is responsible for the implementation and follow up of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy (global and local), to add value to an organisation's activities by ensuring we have a positive impact on society and the environment, i.e. green practices.
Internal / External Communications: To present key messages via internal communication and occasionally external.


HR Strategy Development and Planning
Develop and implement a HR strategy, which enables company IQ/AF/Charter Operation to meet its commercial goals and business objectives.

First Choice Implementation
Plan and implement the roll out of First Choice across IQ/AF/Charter Operation and manage First Choice work plans and reporting to build a First Choice culture and maximize performance benefits of First Choice initiatives

Recruitment and Workforce Planning
Develop and implement recruitment policies and procedures, which ensure that we attract and recruit staff with the right skills at the right time. Apply suitable attraction and selection methodologies to ensure the right people are identified and selected. Utilize effective workforce planning approaches to ensure business continuity and growth.
Localization of the workforce is a key focus for recruitment activities.

Compensation and Benefits
Develop and implement compensation and benefit policies and procedures, which are equitable, in line with the market and also meet business objectives to ensure retention of high quality staff. Participate where appropriate in salary surveys and research available salary data to ensure equitable compensation and benefits packages are on offer.

Employee Relations
Provide support and guidance to managers and staff to maintain positive employee relations. Identify and implement approaches to ER that are suitable to the IQ/AF/Charter Operation working conditions and environment.

Introduce regular Employee Opinion Surveys with the specific goal of identifying any perceived areas requiring improvement and developing and implementing solutions, which foster positive employee relations and thereby enhance productivity.

Manage Employee recognition and suggestion schemes to enhance employee engagement and improve performance.

Talent Management and Succession Planning
Introduce Talent development and succession planning approaches that meet the needs of the IQ/AF/Charter Operation business and environment.

Training and Development
Develop and implement a cost effective training & development function, which will increase productivity and performance and support First Choice initiatives.

Performance Development
Ensure that Motiv8 is actively used by all managers and supervisors within the areas of control for the purpose of evaluating KPIs, competencies, development needs and career aspirations so that it is seen as fair and objective process by the employee and can be used as an effective document for measuring performance and identifying training and development needs.

Develop and implement effective and innovative performance management, performance improvement, recognition and reward strategies including 360 degree appraisal.

Introduce evaluation of the sales force effectiveness using Regional tools, psychometric assessment and assessment centres to ensure that each individuals’ development needs are identified and can be met.

Reporting, Budgets and Organisation Structure
To provide comprehensive reports relating to key measurable in Human Resources in. To support additional reporting as required by the Area HR Manager.

To effectively manage the HR budget for IQ/AF/Charter Operation.

Document organisational structure and ensure that structure complies with Regional Structure recommendations and is optimised, with clear accountabilities and maximum productivity.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Is responsible for the implementation and follow up of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy (global and local), to add value to an organization’s activities by ensuring we have a positive impact on society and the environment, i.e. green practices.


• Educated to degree level preferably in the Social Sciences.

• Postgraduate qualification in HR

• 7 years generalist HR experience, with specific experience in remuneration, psychometric testing or training.

• Planning & Organising
• Excellent communication skills in both English & Arabic
• Cross Functional Working
• Persuasive Communication and Influencing Skills
• Managing the Team
• Business Awareness and Acumen
• Sound decision making
• Personal Motivation

9 - 10

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