Assistant Vice President - Technical

Assistant Vice President - Technical

Strategic and monitoring role of the Claims and Broking Departments.

1.Plan an effective departmental structure for both departments.
2.Devise a logical and smooth work flow.
3.Coordinate with IT to have a proper IT system in place in line with business requirements.
4.Designing service level agreements with insurance companies on behalf of clients in respect of claim and broking servicing.
5.To oversee effective implementation of delegated claims/broking authority.
6.Set procedures for initiating reviews.
7.Set up proper systems to identify recoveries.
8.Maintain liaison with underwriters.
9.Maintain close relationship with principal insurers/ reinsurers/ retrocessionaries in order to ascertain their views on problematical issues.
10.Set internal guidelines to aid claim and broking processing and reserving.
11.Regular and structured meetings with major clients/ insurers/ Account Executives.
12.Awareness of the current underwriting practice.
13.Overview and control of claims/broking costs.
14.Coordination with HR on training of staff – emphasis on awareness of current market practices, knowledge of best practice.
15.Ability to advice customers on material developments pertaining to the claim.
16.Preparing suitable responses to the insurer on behalf of the client or the Account Executive negotiating on their behalf.
17.Ability to question all ambiguities and seek clarification from client where necessary.
18.Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the nature and sources of law, the law of tort, law of contract, the insurance contract and their application in the local and overseas.
19.Understands and applies rules relating to taxes, levies and policy issuance, Data Protection Act, Money Laundering, Client Monies and Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA).
20.Ensures supplementary work procedures are in place and adhered to within the departments.
21.Ensures appropriate workflow controls for monitoring work in progress and the timely completion of processes in accordance with the Operating Procedures Manual (OPM) and any technical/policy requirements is in place.
22.Produces accurate and timely management information as required.
23.Understanding and application of fundamental legal and regulatory policy in relation to the insurance contract.
24.Advise on the legal requirements of the client as applicable to insurance.
25.Demonstrates awareness of the changes and development in regulation and the impact these have on the business both local and overseas.
26.Demonstrates a good understanding of regulatory requirements and the impact these have on the business.
27.Monitoring the Financial Security of Insurance Companies.
28.Identifies and mitigates conflicts of interest.
29.Demonstrates proficiency in the use of Company’s systems and processes to fulfill role.
30.Ensures that all KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) meet and exceed the minimum standards.
31.Adhere to the contents of the Operating Procedures Manual (OPM) and the Company’s overall internal procedures and policies.
32.Nil E&Os.
33.Miscellaneous tasks within the scope of work, as assigned by the direct manager.

Planning skills
Communication skills
Customer focus
Networking skills
Organizational skills
Graduate with Bachelor’s degree
10 years of experience
MS Office; Computer Literate

8 - 10
Senior Manager

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